Ønskejul (Christmas Wishes), is a yearly charity event where families in need of support are treated to a Christmas Eve with all the trimmings.

The charity was founded by Rasmus Munk at Alchemist and has been operating together with charity organizations, volunteers, and sponsors since 2012.

This year, 500 guests will gather at the art museum Copenhagen Contemporary for fun, games, treats, gifts and a traditional feast with food cooked by Rasmus Munk and his team of voluntary chefs at Alchemist.

You can support the charity as a volunteer or make a contribution below. All surplus donations will be used for next year’s Christmas celebration, and surplus food from the event is donated to Rasmus Munk’s charity JunkFood.


If you would like to make a contribution, the MobilePay number is 818008, you can also donate via credit card on the link above.

We are seeking both sponsors and volunteers for December 23 and 24 (Danish).